Barry Ebner​​

     ​Barry Ebner is an artist that also works as teacher. For the bulk of this project I wanted to capture his processes and see his mindset as an artist because in a classroom situation he is very focused on tasks that need to get done, however I found out that he is not normally so focused.

     Barry lives in Berkley, Ca, and in his home he has two studios, one is his basement and the other is in his garage. The basement is where he does smaller scale work and paintings. Inside of it he has fresh paper and multitudes of old work in drawers. There is an artist’s organization in the room. Only Barry knows where everything is and everything has its own place. In his garage studio he does his printmaking and large scale paintings. His whole house is filled with small artistic relics such as a broken umbrella hanging in a corner and a root he had pulled from his yard and spray painted. Also, on his garage doors he has paint molded onto the handles and has continued to paint on them as they hardened so there is just layers upon layers of paint. Although he is focused when he is working on his prints or painting, his whole method is based on imprecision, he uses whatever he thinks will work but there is no direct plan. He already knows the basics and what it requires to make a piece but that’s as far as it goes. 

     He works in silence, with nothing but the ambient noise surrounding him. He constantly steps back from his work and checks them in order to have variations of views. In his drawings he uses themes such as birds of prey, death, and skeletons. However, he has many unfinished works like this that he goes back to whenever he feels like and many he throws away. He also has to find ways to not over work the piece and ruin it so he has to know when to stop himself.  

     I chose to make the photos black and white because Barry has heavily focused on his grand monotypes and his etchings and I felt it suited his work to continue with a similar color scheme. Also, I ordered the photos in a way that emulated his thought process, they are not in chronological order and they are divided by photos of Barry and photos of his materials or his works. Although he is able to stay focused, he does get bored rather easily and he goes from one work to another. He jokingly says he has ADHD or about the attention span of a cat. With both his prints and paintings he only spends about two hours before he has to find something else to do and also this is a way to keep him from overworking his pieces.


​​Destiny Quijada